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The most traditional prefecture of the island of Crete!
Welcome to the province of Rethymno, nestled between Crete' two highest peaks, with miles of sandy seashore to the north, fishing villages and swimming coves in the south. It is blessed with brilliant sunshine, clean waters and a bounty of the finest Mediterranean fruits and vegetables. Good roads for driving lead to the interior exposing charming traditional villages and groves of cherries oranges and olives. There are organized tours to gorges, caves and archaeological sites. A simple hike in the countryside will enchant you with its stunning views, hypnotic herbal scents and the ever present sounts of bleatings and bells. Learn about past cultures and civilizations as you visit Minoan settlements, Venetian monuments, Turkish mosgues and Christian monasteries. Meet your hosts of modern Crete: passionate, proud, friendly and always welkoming with the famous Cretan hospitality!! The prince of Cretan feast is Rethymno, hosting the popular Wine and Renaissance Festivals in summer and the jubilant Carnival in winter. Some events are held in the Municipal Park also, the place to be for a refreshing escape from the heat and noise of the city.